Energy and Commodities

Energy and commodities in many different forms is what we trade, as trading forms a core of our business activity.

The energy and commodities we trade includes crude oil, fuel oil, refined petroleum products, LPG, LNG, petrochemicals, coal, metals and agricultural products

Transmetro Energy basically operate as energy and commodities merchant by off taking and purchasing energy commodities from producers, exporters, refineries and traders to deliver to end industrial users.

We pride ourselves as developing expertise in handling energy and commodities in bulk; we seek to consolidate our trading position by making and holding investment in energy producing and other commodities producing assets.


As consumption for energy and commodities rises globally, so do global Inventories tends to decline, in order to maintain balance in our commodities value chain, we seek to hold and make investments in infrastructures for inventories and logistics such as storage tanks, terminals infrastructure solutions, transportation infrastructure solutions for bulk energy and other commodities, from gathering, storing, and haulage to shipping.

Global Markets

We seek to be active in our market through strategic partnership and agreements to make and hold investment from global supply of bulk energy and other commodities to the deployment of energy and commodities producing Infrastructure like oil rigs, refineries, mines and other related infrastructure.

We demonstrate experience and continually evolving expertise on structuring, executing and financing niche energy investments and infrastructure schemes for our partners and collaborators, ranging from energy producers to energy traders and down to energy consumers.

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