About Transmetro Energy

Transmetro Energy is a privately held integrated energy and commodity group active in the area of Commodities, Energy and Infrastructure.

Transmetro Energy through strategic partnership and agreement makes and holds investment from the supply of fuel and other commodities to deployment of oil rigs, refineries, petroleum equipment, energy and commodities producing infrastructure.

We demonstrate experience and continually evolving expertise on structuring, executing and financing niche energy and commodities related investments and infrastructure schemes for our clients and partners, whom are mainly oil producers, oil refiners, oil traders, metal mining companies and other commodities producers.

Our Vision

Transmetro Energy's vision is to be a leading and most respectable multinational energy and commodity group.

Our Mission

Transmetro Energy's mission is to

  1. Conduct business with Integrity, professionalism in a socially responsible manner
  2. To be committed to the environment and communities where we have operations
  3. To be active and hold a balanced portfolio in the entire energy and commodity value chain


Transmetro Energy is being led by a highly experienced board, with each member having and bringing in their wealth of experience from their respective fields. Our management team is vibrant and demonstrates expertise in our areas of specialization, from trading, finance, logistics, Investments, exploration & production, risk management and project development.

We are active in energy and commodities trading, where we trade energy and other commodities including crude oil, refined petroleum products, petrochemicals, LNG, natural gas, coal, metals and agricultural commodities by supporting the sourcing, financing, storing, transporting and supplying these commodities in markets where demands and supply are impressive. We also seek to be involved in exploration and production, were we are continually seeking to acquire and boost our portfolio of assets either as technical operators, financial operators or holding non-operating interest, presently Gulf of Guinea is our core area of focus, where we are evolving strategic working relationship with government of Nigeria, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon and Angola, and Sao Tome and Principe.

In the area of oil and gas, to support our activities we boast of expertise in logistics and infrastructure to consolidate our position in handling bulk fuel.

From shipping, haulage, storage and terminals, we handle owned and outsourced facilities, by leveraging on our scale and networks of clients and partners.

Our vast ties and relationship with top tier banks, investment firms and private banks, where we are implementing credit lines, JV financing and trade programs puts us in a prime position to handle projects on impressive scales, from small to large.

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