Commodities. Energy. Infrastructure.

We are a global group with a portfolio mix of commodities, energy and natural resources.

Transmetro Energy is a privately held integrated energy and commodity group active in the area of Commodities, Energy and Infrastructure.

Transmetro Energy through strategic partnership and agreement makes and holds investment from the supply of fuel and other commodities to deployment of oil rigs, refineries, petroleum equipment, energy and commodities producing infrastructure.

We provide structured and customised commodities, energy and infrastructure solutions.

We demonstrate experience and continually evolving expertise on structuring, executing and financing niche energy and commodities related investments and infrastructure schemes for our clients and partners, whom are mainly oil producers, oil refiners, oil traders, metal mining companies and other commodities producers.

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Our business is built on the model of a socially responsible corporate entity, this basically means two things, first the environments where we operate from and our employees.

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Robust and customised services in the energy and commodities trading industries.

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